I share my passion for photography with a quest for exploration and learning about the natural world as I would expect all nature and landscape photographers to do. My passion is not my camera but my subjects; flora, fauna, landscape and light. I prefer to find the magic in nature versus creating it on my computer. I learned very early on that to be successful in capturing the magic of the natural world I needed to “see what my camera sees” (or more accurately today – my digital sensor). Realising that my camera doesn’t see the world the way I do and understanding the limitations of my equiptment directs my photographic exploration.

Although the subject and composition of a photograph are obviously important elements I believe the light in many cases is the most important variable.
Most of the photographs in my galleries were captured within a thirty mile radius of my home in locations I have visited many, times. I don’t believe it is necessary to travel far to experience the magic of the natural world but instead what is necessary is the ability to slow down and “see” what surrounds us in our everyday life.

I feel extremely fortunate and appreciative to do what I do.